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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Politics of Dave and Sarah

Tee off this one as you want.
Dave made a joke about Sarah Palin's daughters. Sarah throws a fit and you know Dave is behind doors with studio executives trying to figure out the best way to defuse the issue without losing his job. Apologize Dave. Be contrite. Grovel. It is your only shot. So he does. Monday night grovelathon. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sarah accepts. She brought down the mighty titan of the hated cultural elite who are the real scourge.

She is licking her chops now. She hates the media and loves them. She loves being in the white hot light but those darn Liberals just keep saying untrue things about her and her family. Take those rallies for instance. So she called Barack Obama a terrorist. So she linked him with Muslim terrorists. It felt pretty good up there at the podium when everyone is cheering and yeah a couple people said KILL HIM. OFF WITH HIS HEAD. Um, that is an African American Presidential candidate we are talking about. So John had to get involved and tone down the rallies. Sarah was visibly disappointed.

Or when the election ended. All those nasty Liberals kept misquoting the McCain campaign saying she was hard to work with and basically they cringed every time she opened her mouth. That was just not true. They just didn't let her give enough shout outs. If she had been allowed to say what she really thought then they might have won the election. Then that same culturally elitist press began to dog her when she began her campaign for President ala 2012. I mean come on, it is only four years away. Why all the accusations about her being a publicity hound who just doesn't know when to go know...Alaska.

Then her daughter. Oh they have no shame. I mean here she is Mrs. Family Values talking about how abortion is evil and by proxy all those who believe in abortion are evil and the liberal elitist cultural dogs focus on her pregnant high school daughter. It is hardly relevant guys. Come on. Family values are family values. You don't hear them crowing about Barack Obamas pregnant daughters! you? Huh?

So she goes to a baseball game and Dave cracks a joke and she puts that knife right where she always wanted too. Straight up the liberal media culturally elitist left wing terrorist loving, Obama supporting nasty, evildoers promoters, non American, commie loving, you know who you are--where the sun don't shine PRESS. HA! GOT YOU! I WIN! FINALLY!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL YOU SIX PACK JOES!

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