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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's do it for the Forty Six Million

Do it for the forty six million. You may have health care, you may have very good health care and you don't want anyone fooling with it. I get it. So why be in favor of health care reform? Do it for the forty six million who don't have health care. These are your brothers and sisters and mothers and grandmothers and fathers and uncles and aunts and all the people you will never know--do it for them. These are your countrymen and we cannot leave them behind.

Maybe you work for a corporation. Maybe you are a teacher or a government worker. Good. You have health care. Of maybe you pay for it yourself like I do. Good. You have health care. But there are people who do not go to the doctor. They have the same fears as you do when they feel a pain except they cannot hear the words "you will be fine." They have to tough it out. They have to wonder if they will be fine. And these are not bums. These are not street people or drug attics or welfare queens--these are every day mothers and fathers sons and daughters and they are you.

They have done nothing wrong. Maybe they don't live in a big house. Maybe they were born in the wrong neighborhood. Maybe they were working and got laid off. Maybe they were realtor's, mortgage brokers, construction workers, builders, carpenters, plumbers, adjunct teachers, professors, accountants, lawyers, bricklayers, hygienists, factory workers, autoworkers, bank representatives, data entry clerks, salesman, sales managers, architects, roofers, electricians, health care workers, nurses, pilots, stewardesses, title company employees, dishwashers, cooks, chefs, writers, poets...maybe they are you. And they do not have what three hundred other million Americans enjoy-the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and yes that includes health care.

We are rich enough. We are big enough. We are good enough. Forget the squabbles. Forget the talking heads. Forget the conservatives and the liberals and the right and the left and whose right and whose wrong and whose in power and whose not. Let us let our higher natures take the lead. Yes, we may lose something. Maybe health care may slow down. Maybe we wont get our operations as fast. Who knows. But what if all those men who fought in the revolution, the civil war, world war one and two, Korea and Vietnam had worried about what they were going to lose? What if our founding fathers had worried about getting hanged for treason and done nothing?

Let's put the whole first. Let's be the big people here and take care of our own. We can do it. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Jews, Gentiles, Muslims, Christian right, left, and sideways, moral majority and liberals--we can all pull this one off together. If for nothing else, let's do it for our forty six million fellow countrymen who cannot help themselves. Isn't that what we Americans are all about? Helping others who can't help themselves? C'mon. Let's just do it. Right now. Right here. In the year 2009. Lets bust this thing out. Together. Now.

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