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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sarah Palin just lost the White House

Sarah Palin just lost the White House. You don't elect someone who put a cross hair over a Congress woman's district and called for people to reload. Because someone did reload a Glock and he shot Representative Gifford right through the forehead. Point blank. The shooter went right up there after telling the world he thought the government was evil and he shot her and six other people and a child. And Sarah Palin ran out and scrubbed her website of the evil map with the cross hairs but it was too late. She lost the White House the minute that twenty two year old malcontent opened up.

Sarah likes guns. Watch her reality show and you can watch her bring down large animals. She is a woman familiar with firearms. She is a woman who likes to take charge and fire people up to the point John McCain had to tell her to cool it during the election. She didn't care. She figured she'd be President the next time around and join forces with Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party and tell everyone how the Democrats are screwing them. That's when she targeted people in the United States goverment with her map of cross hairs and told all the nut jobs to reload.

So Sarah is now singing the blues up there in Alaska. She just became a reality television star and hit her level of incompetence. Her political career just ended though she may not know it. Because she put a cross hair on this poor woman who is now fighting for her life, because she used the lowest crudest form of human chicanery to further her cause, she has lost it all. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. Sarah would appreciate that metaphor. Here's another one. Blood on your hands.
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