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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paul Ryan is a Great Democrat

Paul Ryan is a great Democrat in the tradition of Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Obama. Imagine the great lengths he went to to disguise himself as a Republican and getting himself elected only to shoot the nail into the coffin of Hamiltonian trickle down voodoo economics that would make Regan turn over in his grave displacing many jelly beans. The man is a true patriot. Sacrificing himself for the greater good to expose the rotten fruit in the core of the Tea Party/Conservative/Republican Destroy the Middle Class and nuke Granny agenda of the button down business class bought and sold Koch brothers supported and Fox Fueled hate class of Brightbarts, Rushes, Becks, and Oriellys. That is a lot of take on. But Paul Ryan did it and we can only thank him for his service.

Only a true Democrat would toss the destroy Medicare grenade and expose the Social Darwinism masquerading as fiscal conservative values that are doing a slash and burn to entitlements to anyone not rich while the country has been pillaged by the banking class and the famed one percent. A man like Paul Ryan has stood up and at the precise moment when it seemed the new class of Tea Party freshman might have their day, he uncorked his bottle and let everyone get a whiff of a true oligarchy and it stinks. It really stinks.

But Paul inhaled deeply and said enough is enough. The Ryan Insurance plan funded by the Insurance companies is brilliant in its exposure of the deep nefarious pockets that run under our Great Republic. He duped the insurance companies into thinking he was one of them and in the process exposed their plan to exterminate millions of Senior Citizens by denying them Health Coverage! Of course they will insure Senior Citizens! I'm amazed the Republicans didn't catch on right then. Who would believe that fantasy?

But Paul sucked them in and had them vote and now they are on record supporting a bill to eviscerate Medicare. Exterminate granny. The shame. The shame. Only a man like Paul Ryan could have endured the years of being a secret Democrat in a Republican shell. We can only guess at the psychological hell and many cigars and Jim Beam on rocks tet a tet's he had to sit through. But he has done a great service, as great as The New Deal Itself. Surely, we have seen that the Emperor has no clothes and Paul Ryan can come out of the closet and declare in the light of day: I AM A DEMOCRAT!


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