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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reading the New York Times on a Kindle

Yeah the kindle has limits. I cant read the NY Times on it. I just cant. I need that big paper flapping around to know what I am doing. The articles seem trivial on the Kindle which means the format of a newspaper is part of the experience. News runs up and down the pages like runaway animals and you track it down with your eyes chasing a story from one page to the other crashing into other stories along the way and you read three for four stories in rocket time and then delve into the interior to finish up the ones that interest you and pass on the ones that didn't. How interactive

Or you attack the editorial page and look up and down the printed walls for the one article that sings out. Krugman is going on about the economy of course and Dowd  is taking down the President for having no backbone and Brooks is busy showing the Republicans arent really as crazy as they seem So you dabble with one and end up running with Krugman because he is right once again that the last thing we need is to cut the deficit although the Dowd article is interesting...peruse that , glance at Brooks and then flash through the Arts section and wind back around to the national news.

A couple glances at sports and business to see if anything really weird is going on and you  have just read the paper in fifteen or twenty minutes while the Kindle chugs through one article at a time. My point is the newspaper is about the PAPER. You cannot divorce one from the other. And for the newspaper you need paper. Now when Kindle gets as big as a newspaper and floats in the air and you crack it closed and snap it open then talk to me then. Until then I will kindle my books and read my NY TIMES the old fashioned way. One crackling page at a time.

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