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Saturday, September 24, 2011

High Noon For Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner can not control his caucus. He can't even get a spending increase through the House without Tea Party intransigence. Extreme times produce extreme people and the Tea Party Freshmen are making his life hell. The Speaker knows how government works but he cannot seem to get his hands around the fact he has rogues in his wagon train now who don't care how government works. Don't get caught in a tornado or a flood or you will be waiting for relief. That is the message the Tea Party visa vie the Republicans are sending now.

We don't function anymore as a government. We function like a Wild West town where the cattlemen have a lock on the sheriff and the town is starving for water. The sheriff knows the town needs water but he cant get around the powerful ranchers who have a gun at his black. Lets face it, it is high noon for Speaker Boehner. He needs his Joe McCarthy moment to push back against the radicals who will not let him enter into the fray of compromise which is government.

A columnist long ago said that if the Tea Party got into government then we would have total gridlock. They did and we do. Nothing can be accomplished anymore. And the worst thing is we are at at time when so much needs to be done. The Tea Party has put the country at risk with hard lines that are designed to stop the functioning of government. The line running through the spine of the Tea Party is that no government is better than any government.

So they stave the beast every chance they get. This strategy has been a disaster and now has tricked down to helping people in need. The very people screaming this mantra have forgotten one thing: we are the beast. The people who need help the most in all quarters of our society will be starved first. Speaker Boehner needs to get some moxie and face down the people in his own party who hide under fiscal conservatism. It is high noon and nobody can wait anymore.
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