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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Anarchists of Occupy Wall Street

Tis interesting to hear Wall Street types calling the Occupy Wall Street protesters anarchists. That's what a columnist for The Wall Street Journal called the protesters. "Well they are different from the tea party these are anarchists." Says the man in the suit.  Anarchists versus race baiters screaming to water the tree of liberty. How so? The simple fact is that is what all capitalists call people who threaten their robber baron kingdoms. And these guys are robber barons.

But I digress. The simple fact is the pigs have taken too much and become hogs. The  oil companies with their billions and the banks with their billions have bought off Washington and stupidly set up a block against the consumers. Let me give you some advice. Get the tea party and their lackeys out of the halls of congress and start passing legislation to help the middle class. And you better do it before the whole thing turns turtle.

FDR saw this clearly after the bonus march when you had troops firing on soldiers in Washington. He knew that capitalism was in trouble and communism was looking a whole lot better. The New Deal bailed out America and kept revolution at bay. But these morons who are paying off their lapdogs in congress are hopelessly short sighted.

Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. What part of this doesn't the titans of capitalism get? You have to give some back or you cannot continue to play the game. Capitalism is on borrowed time unless people start to recognize the people who are in the ninety nine percent and give them a voice in government again. To ignore this movement is at your peril.

Good luck with that.

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