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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hank Williams Jr. Gets Booted from Monday Night Football

Monday Night football sacked Hank. Hank Williams with his rowdy friends thinks the President is Hitler. He threw the good old boy comparison of Hitler and the Israel Prime Minister of Israel golfing as compared to Boehner and Obama golfing. Weird right? But old Hank sees the President as Hitler as do a lot of Tea Party types and it would see country music royalty must believe some of those lyrics that wrap up God and country into a hay loft and come out with Obama the birther terrorist who cavorts with Hitlerian types.

Or he is Hitler? Now a black man among the most liberal Presidents we have is like a fascist dictator of the Third Reich? He doesn't even have  a mustache. What is it with Hitler and the right? Glenn Beck loved using Hilter analogies and then of course there are all those Tea Party signs with Hitlerian likeness of the President. The mustache really doesn't work.

So it must be an authoritarian thing. Demanding people have health care. Or that people have entitlements. How Hitlerian! But lets cut to the chase.  The Hitler analogy is just about the scariest thing people can compare our first African American President to. And why? Because hate knows no bounds and any type of comparison will do. He is not a citizen. He is a terrorist. He supports Muslims. He is  a socialist. He is black. He is Hitler. Take your pick and apparently Buck did.

So no more Hank on Monday Night Football. I do miss that opening. It seemed like such good old boy fun. Buck should have just kept singing . He would have been just fine if only he hadn't told Fox News Morning what he thinks about the President.  I guess all his rowdy friends can still come over. They'll just have to stay at Hank's house.

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