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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Thugs Rapists and Thieves of Occupy Wall Street

Just turn on the Foxian News and you will get Sean Hannity describing the OWS movement as perverts, rapists, thieves, criminals, arsonists, bums. Or watch Republican Senators describe them as mobs of anarchists intent on destroying the American way of life. Yeah baby. Bring on the those anarchists, thieves, rapists, criminals and perverts. They are carrying the water for the middle class right now and are the only hope for working people in this country.

You know they are on the right track when Rush Limbaugh says they are putting ketchup on their heads to make it look like the police beat them. That's good Rush. Ketchup. Yeah the eighty four year old lady bleeding from her eyes from being pepper sprayed...ketchup right? Or the twenty something women who got pepper sprayed and fell to the ground crying. Ketchup right? Or the guy who took a rubber bullet to the head. More ketchup.

The fact is this motley crew is the middle class's  last chance. Washington was sold to the highest bidder and that was the banks and corporate America. . There is no representation for the middle anymore. You are either rich or poor and you will find out soon enough who you are. These people who are out there getting wailed on by cops are not doing this for fun. They are not doing it for kicks.They are doing it because they are driven by the conviction that America has been taken away by one percent of the population to be used as their personal playground. The rest of us need not apply.

And so when you hear the right wing pundits and the corporate republicans calling them bums, perverts, rapist, thieves, anarchists, socialists, thugs, criminals, then raise your fist. You know they are on the right track . Lets hear it for the bums, perverts, rapists, thieves, anarchists, socialists, thugs, criminals and bums. Go man. Go.

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