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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Covetous Old House Republicans Have one Upped Scrooge

The covetous old House Republicans have one upped Scrooge. They have decided the middle class better decrease the surplus population and get on with the business of dying if need be. Some would rather die sir, then do it the the Republicans of the House declared! And quit trying to rob my pockets every twenty fifth of December. But it tis but once a year we need this extension we might make a little merry at Christmas and pay a little less tax and give the unemployed some pudding for their holidays.

But the House Republicans say it is all humbug! There will be no payroll tax break for the holidays. Let the poor go to the poor house and hopefully the treadmill is still in full vigor. These institutions should be supported and the Tea Party zealots wills surely pay for more prisons and workhouses. But they do not care that even their brethren in the Senate should show a bit of compassion during the season. No they will not vote on any of it. Be gone! It is enough for a man to know his own business and theirs occupies them constantly.

So we need not wonder if they will be visited. No ghosts shall help us now. There will be no extra bread, there will be no helping Bob Cratchette with an extra scuttle of coal and Tiny Tim will not see another season and the House Republicans will not be the better for their reclamation. Who is that man who lays under the covers? Who is it that is on that snow covered grave in the gloom of night?Oh no spirit. Are these the things that will be or are they things that can be changed? The fate of all is in the balance for it is our  name that is on that snowy grave: The Middle Class.

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