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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Reality Star Gets Fourteen Years

Blago gets a big fourteen in prison. Federal time so he will really have to do most of it. You really thought he was going to skate free the way he just cruised around and did the reality star circuit. In this country notoriety trumps all and we have seen women have multiple babies and get book deals people run for office getting book deals and bikers bounty hunters storage owners gold diggers prostitutes strippers cops outdoors men old rock stars addicts drunks you name it get shows and book deals and money money money. Can you blame middle class people for feeling ripped off when people get money for breaking the law or for doing nothing?

But Blago really seemed to be on his way. Letterman, Leno, the guy was everywhere for a while telling his story and seeming to laugh all the way to the bank. His wife didn't seem fazed. Their biggest concern was Blago might not be able to hang with his kids but even than seemed remote. The man just couldn't stop smiling and drinking in publicity. Surely someone so cocky, so sure of his own ultimate triumph would not go to prison. He must have had a lot of book offers, probably a few reality shows lined up.

But now he's going away for fourteen years. Funny thing about fame, it is very fickle or fleeting, yeah fleeting. I don't know if Rod thinks he can keep it going in prison but he really will have an uphill slog. Selling favors for cash will take it's ultimate toll on the ex governor turned reality star turned convict...the glare of cheap fame will go out like a candle in a coal mine.
Rocket Man...keeping your house shouldnt be this hard.

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