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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The passing of the Old White Guys Party

Man. You got to love the way the OWG Party is going down the tubes. Ricky Santorumi is just serving up the latest racist homophobic stew of a party in reverse going beyond the 1950s straight past Puritanism back to the Dark Ages (cue guys in black hoods and robes) and cant get enough wood to burn every Gay, Woman, Black, Protestant, Liberal, Democrat who would dare to speak of egalitarianism or equal rights or contraception or abortion and who would not buy into the new theocratic state of right wing demigods and stooges who dress up good old fashioned racism and homophobia and xenophobia as a Republican agenda for change and fiscal responsibility and God and Country.


Ok. Good, we got that out of the way. Now the OWG Party can concentrate on bringing down the economy by reversing the bail out of Detroit. Romnose got it right. Controlled bankruptcy would have destroyed the Unions. Big on the OWG agenda is to rid America of Unions and working people who would would dare to demand equal pay or a decent minimum wage or decent working hours or child labor laws. Yeah Baby! Roll back the clock and lets get in lockstep with the Chinese and fry some people in an aluminum flash fire (see Apple IPOD disaster in China factory) and get them all living in barracks. But I digress.

The really great news is that the four stooges of the last great OWG Party will eventually shoot each other. They hate each other almost as much as they hate women, people who have sex, people who are not Catholic, blue collar Union workers, women definitely women, blacks, gays, urbanites, liberals, Democrats....I got it! (eureka moment) THEY HATE EVERYONE THAT'S NOT LIKE THEM! AND THEY EVEN HATE THEMSELVES!(see the last four implosion debates)

So here is the terrible news for the OWG Party. Time is not on your side (to coin a Stones tune they grew up with forty five years ago) because the world is going global global global and getting more and more multicultural multicultural multicultural and the OWG party will be dinasourial anachronistic extinctual..(see Jurrasik Park) And so my fiends, my fine brethren of OWG Party members everwhere. Ask not what you can do for your country but what the country of the last Old White Guys can do for you!

The sun must set eventually on all of us and so it is setting on you. You fine, bigoted, narrow minded, phobic, rich, demonizing, inhuman, environmental terrorizing, polarizing, viscous, pathetic last Mohicans of Manifest Glory Warriors gone horribly horribly wrong. The planet will not mourn the passing of the OWG Party. May your history vanish quickly.

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