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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whats with the Republican War on Women?

So I get it. Republicans don't like women now. They must not. Um...vaginal ultrasounds for abortions...oh no...yeah just pelvic ultrasounds and by the way the women can pay for it before they get shamed out of having an abortion. And if they question the Republican candidates on it then the crowd boos. You must have seen the boos when the contraception question came up at the debate. The crowd didn't want those pesky contraception issues to c confront the old white mans brigade. They want 1959 with June and Ward and Larry and the Beaver and Eddie Haskell and Wally. But I digress.

Yeah no contraception for women. Just ask the Catholics they don't want it either. They don't need it and they don't need abortions and if they think about having one because they were denied the pill then they surely need a VAGINAL ULTRASOUND so they don't get the abolition they don't need. Wow. Those Republicans are really great guys. Guess they are just looking out for their daughters and wives and all those women who just don't need to be protected against getting pregnant.

I mean these guys don't like Planned Parenthood and want to take away all the funding for those pesky tests for Ovarian cancer or Uterine Cancer or Pap smears because they sure as hell don't want any money going for abortions or any other type of women's health and they sure don't women to have control over their bodies. They want control their bodies with their new theocratic society.

I know lets just go back to when they burned women for being witches. You know all those women they burned in the Salem witch trials. Yeah, they burned a lot of innocent women but hey, they cant have an abolition then and I guess you could call that contraception of a kind. So bring on the torches boys and lets get to burning and then we can get a handle on all those unwanted pregnancies and it  wont cost the taxpayers a dime!

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