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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Romney is giving rich people a bad name

Somebody should kick Mitt out of the rich people club. He really is giving everyone a bad name. At least leaving a bad taste like eating some crappy sushi where you know you shouldn't have eaten it but you did. That must be the way the rich people feel about Mitt about now. Who nominated that guy? Most rich people have some sort of code where they don't reveal themselves if they have too. But Mitt, it just leaks out like sawdust all over the floor whenever he opens his mouth or doesn't show his taxes.

Take the whole Bain thing. Most rich people build a business that they can point to as something that gives people jobs or produces something. Not Mitt. He produced nothing. No he went  black hole and destroyed things. Companies, people, jobs. He eviscerated pocket books all over America so he and his Bain cronies could dump all  the cash in their susupendered pants. And they did it by screwing people all over the country and leaving them without jobs or health care. See the ad of the guy whose wife died from cancer after Bain eviscerated their health care.

And then there is the tax thing. Of course rich people don't pay tax. They live off their investments and pull loans from their own portfolios. But Mitt thinks everyone is stupid enough to believe he pays taxes but doesn't want to show us that. The rich people must just rub their heads and think what a moron. Just show your taxes and get it over with. But the truth is Mitt doesn think he has too because he is not little people. You ever hear the clip of his wife saying "you people"  That says it all.

So Mitt is really a crappy rich person. Other rich people have some other thing in their life, like a personality to back up their money. Not Mitt. He just has a past where he beat up some gay kid, stole money from women and  children, put the family dog on the roof of his car, ran for President and lost, created Healthcare that he denies, and flip flops all over the place like some wobble head in the back of an old Chevy. I bet the rich people club is getting ready to boot him.

I would.

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