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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romneys Sketchy Deal for Women

It is hard to believe any women would vote for a man who is trying to take away their right to make choices about their own body and wont support equal pay for equal work (Lilly Ledbetter Bill) and comes from a party that wants to use invasive vaginal ultrasounds to just make sure there is really a baby there and supports a man (Todd Akin) who says there is a pacman like ability for victims of "legitimate rape" not to become pregnant (In a galaxy far far away) And then says he has binders and binders full of women to hire and that he would let his poor assistant go home to care for her kids if she wanted too...(please sir, may I have another.)

Yet there are women who will vote for Bindenator who along with the Vouchnator who is even more down on women's rights and both men want to turn back the clock on Roe V. Wade with the appointment of conservative Supreme Court Justices. Make no mistake, the dynamic duo intend to stone age women and put them back in the kitchen where they  belong with June Cleever and Sarah Palin (I think she quit as mom in chief) and they sure don't want to pay them if they step out and take a job because women really shouldn't be working anyway unless they are teachers or nurses and they sure better not demand an equal wage.

But the Rominator and the Vouchenator just think if they walk the talk then women will go see they are not so bad. They really do believe women should get some contraception as long as they pay for it and not the government and certainly not their employer. And if you are a poor woman and are on Medicaid or food stamps then you better start packing now because Canada is looking pretty good with that Universal health care, because once Batman and Robin are done with scrapping Obamacare a bird wont be able to find purchase in the American desert of infant women and children.

And if women care about getting their children educated  they better start homeschooling because Bird man and Sparrow are going to get rid of Dept of Education and slash funding to states and so the schools wont have anything to offer except math and science anyway. And if you were looking for a mammogram at Planned Parenthood then forget that because the Romenator is slashing the funding there first and then moving on to Big Bird and Sesame Street. So don't think you can plop your kids in front  of free television because you cant.

So I guess the sketchy deal for women really is a sketchy deal and it begs the question: why would any women ever vote for these two Bozos?

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