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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Etch a Sketch Man is Obama Now

Oh oh. The Romney Revival just ran aground. If you pin your hat on the economy then you and the Republicans really don't want it to do well. Gee. Have we heard this before? Seems to me the entire Republican party bet against the American people for years so they could get back in power. Easy equation. Kill the economy and kick out Obama. Almost worked. Missed it by that much chief. Pity. Romney lied in rare form Wednesday while Jim Leherer slept. He came out like a con man who just made one hell of a sale. Almost....

But then the unemployment numbers came out. Opps. Went down. Ok. The numbers are rigged. First we try and kill the economy, then we try and stop people from voting (see voter registration laws) then we lie about everything and claim everything that Obama did we did. You know like pre existing conditions that don't exist. Or tax cuts for the wealthy. Aint going to do it. Uh huh. Nope. We are just like you Mr. Moderate Liberal Democrat and please vote for us while we gas Big Bird and give Jim his pink slip. But...but ...not so fast.

Did someone say the economy is doing better...MITT? Hmmm. Well now look here. Forty seven percent of you are lackers and you don't care about being employed so of course the numbers are better! You see I represent the people who vote. And are rich. And are poor. And are middle class. And they are still hurting and I will help them the way Obama helps them. We are the same. In fact, I'm Obama. I can be black too. Just give me some makeup. Really...I can. I just want  to be President.

You know, they dont call me the etch a sketch man for nothing.

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