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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Our First Woman President

She was from the South and had two years of formal schooling and wrote like a child.  She married a quiet man from Washington and her baby died after three months. Her husband then died and left her with a failing jewelry company that was severely in debt. She turned the company around while taking almost no salary. She bought an electric car and was issued the first driver’s license given to a woman in the District of Columbia.  She married a President who had been recently widowed. In four years, the President would have a severe stroke, and leave her to run the Unites States Government and negotiate the end of World War I.

 She was our First Woman President. 

Her name was Edith Wilson and she was our first Woman President. She had married Woodrow Wilson four years before but in 1919 the President suffered a severe stroke and Edith had to take over. The press was never told the real situation and for two years Edith Wilson ran the government. President Wilson was paralyzed and couldn't talk initially and never left his bed except when he was wheeled out to the South Portico of the White House for air. 

 Edith oversaw the end of World War I and the Treaty of Versaille. When the treaty was defeated in the Senate Edith's role was pivitol and many would point to her isolation of the President as one of the reasons Wilson would not compromise. But for two years Edith made appointments, signed legislation, and ushered the country through the postwar years. It is a testament to her unrelenting devotion to Woodrow Wilson that she kept it a secret up unitl she died. 

But now the evidence is clear. Hillary Clinton will be the second Woman President. Ninety seven years ago the glass ceiling was broken by a woman who had two years of schooling and no political training at all. 

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