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Monday, February 8, 2016

The End Run Around Hillary Won't Work This Time

 In a galaxy far far away a Senator from Illinois did an end run around Hillary Clintons left side and took away the nomination. Up until then Hillary was the progressive alternative and then, then a good looking, articulate, African American  swung around her and cornered the left side of the field and she could never get it back. And now unbelievably, an old Senator from Vermont is following the same game plan and swinging left to see if he can take away her progressive mantle and snatch the nomination or at least New Hampshire. Amazingly, it looks like it might work again, except...Bernie Sanders will lose.

They say Millennials are white, suburban, with their biggest anxiety being what college they were going to with helicopter parents ready to hover right up to say age forty while they live at home. They may think Bernie can give them a bye on their student loans and readjust the cork at the top keeping the good jobs and money from them. But it is a fiction not because Bernie wont get it through Congress (see Obama) but because he will never get near the White House. Here is why and this is for the Millenials.

You know those funny people called your parents. You know their friends. You know those older people who are even older than your parents. They are called the Moral Majority. They will hear one thing coming from the mouth of Donald Trump and one thing only. It will not be Socialist. It will be COMMUNIST and they will not know the difference and they will not care. They will hear the one thing over and over...ANYONE BUT THE COMMUNIST.

I have followed Bernie Sanders for years and he is sincere and dead on about income inequality. But whoever faces him in November will yell from the rooftops. Do you want to elect a socialist?  Do you want to elect a communist? And the answer from that titanic boomer swell will be a resounding NO. So when you go to vote think about this, the end run may be great for now and you may feel like you are finally being represented. But this is not 2008 and while Bernie Sanders is articulate, passionate and sincere, he is not Barack Obama. He is a seventy four year old socialist hoping the country can catch up with his  vision. Sounds familiar, huh?

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