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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Madam Presidents Challenge

Take a country where robots are replacing workers. Where income has been diverted to a silver lining of one percent of the population. Where cultural upheaval has produced an African American President, gay marriage, music and movies that mirror smooth headed androgynous men with Gear Watches and less relevancy to people who came of age in the last century. Take technology that has moved so fast it has marginalized large segments of the population while jobs vanished into Third World Countries and at the same time entire networks began telling people it is all a government conspiracy. That my friends is the Perfect Storm for a Billionaire Morton Downey Loud Mouth who appeals to the worst in humans.

But Madam President will have to recognize this landscape and do something about it.This anger will have to be drained off into a constructive initiative beyond Redistributionism. If there is a silver lining in the destruction of the Republican Party at the hands of Donald Trump then maybe it will be that moderate Republicans and Democrats have more in common than the hate mongering promulgated by our present day Huey Long. And this might be an opportunity for both sides of the aisle.

If we can both agree that the America Trump paints is not what either party wants then maybe our similarities will outweigh our differences and the pro active legislation addressing the countries problems can begin. Imagine if Gridlock was viewed by both parties as not serving either groups interests and they joined in common cause against the Trumpian  Dystopia with the refrain...NEVER AGAIN. Madam President will have her work cut out for her.

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