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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Madam President Will Have To Fight All The Way

Trump will try and knock her down. Then knock her out. Bill Clinton will be on a spit slowly turning while Trumpians wail about morality. I have  heard it already. The conflation of Madam President with her husband. Bill Clinton is not running but it doesnt matter. Trump will paint her with him and say they are both to blame for the carnage. Then he will turn up the heat and say she should be in jail because of her emails or Benghazi or both.

He will grab the narrative and never let go. Obama was never born here. Ted Cruz father was in on JFK. Bernie is a communist. Hillary is a crook. If there ever was a misoginist it is Donald Trump and it is probalby fitting he should be the last troll at the gate. But if Hillary gets deflected for a second it will be at her peril. He has sold his voters on one promise he will restore the jobs and their lives.

Take that on. Dont go after his racism or xenophobia or misoginy. His voters dont care about that. Go after what he keeps under his comb over. The bait and switch. Go after that. The promise of jobs and money and restoring old America. He cant. He wont. He will make America great for one person, Donald Trump. Go after that.

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