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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Shock of Madam President's Loss

Like a rock in the shoe. You just cant get it out. Or that nagging problem that seems to have no solution. Or the car you totaled. The game you lost. The class you flunked. These things sit in a special region of peoples brains where all things are parked that can't be reconciled. There are expectations and when something radically different occurs we think that maybe there was something we missed. Something we should have seen coming. The boss who fires you over lunch or the stock that tanks and wipes  you out. These things people put in the category of life that veered away while they were napping.

So it is with Hillary Clintons loss. Whatever your politics, even now people cannot quite believe she lost. Even the Trump people cant believe she lost. Donald Trump most of all. He never thought he was going to win. Do you remember him talking about going on a long vacation after the election? When his poll numbers were in the basement and Hillary was laying low because the wisdom was if you are winning just don't screw it up. Newsweek took it to the bank and printed the cover with the First Madam President on the cover.

But then it veered. The Midwest states crumbled from blue to red and even when the dust cleared no one was quite sure what happened. Something about people wanting to keep their jobs in factories. Maybe it was the Russians.. Whatever it was it added up to something so shocking people still cannot understand how it happened. It is in that category of events where people wake and depending on who they voted for....think: was that a dream...or a nightmare.

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