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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Watching It's a Wonderful Life Now

 You can't help but watch It's A Wonderful Life differently now. A bit like watching West Wing. There is a yearning to return to a world gone by. A yearning to wake up like George in the final scene and find out we really did have a wonderful life. If only we could shut out eyes on that bridge and mutter I want my life back...I want my life back. Take me back Clarence. But unlike George that life is really gone and now we can only watch the classic Xmas tale of a man who has lost everything only to realize he had everything before.

And what is Pottersville really but a world based on money over humanistic ideals. Sentimental hogwash Henry Potter declares. He wants a thrifty working class to work in his slums and there is only George and the Building and Loan between him and complete domination. Our Building and Loan vanished on election day and now we have a world based on greed. The struggle has always been about money and humanism clashing.  George was our one hope in the movie against Pottersville. 

But we are now stuck in the sequence where Clarence grants Georges wish. Ok. You never lived. And George finds out that Bedford Falls no longer lives either. In its place is Dantes Inferno. A dark place where people are beat down by insanity, poverty, drudgery while the town roars on like some kind of Las Vegas gone bad. George stumbles thorough the snow bereft of kids, family, love, looking desperately for the humanist world. In it's place is a world he does not recognize and so he heads back to the bridge to ask for redemption. If only Clarence would come back. 

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