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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Twenty Million People Thrown Under the Bus

FDR understood that if he didn't do something fast then the United States would turn turtle and possibly go Bolshevik. The Great Depression had made a lot of people doubt capitalism and many felt they had nothing to lose. Roosevelt knew you had to keep the middle class in the game and so the New Deal was born and many think it saved the United States from revolution. What do we have now. We have the Republicans sneakily destroying the ACA and that means people will die. Donald Trump should listen to the wind of the past and know that if you push people too far they will decide they have nothing left to lose.

Without Obama to villify then the ACA becomes just health care reform. Like it. Hate It. Twenty million people use it and if you combine it with stripping medicaid and then privatizing medicare well you better put on your helmet. You simply cant destroy the middle class and expect them to participate in society. Republican or Democrat you have a family to raise and mouths to feed and you need health care. Take the basics away from people and you have the 1930s all over again. The republicans are trying to turn back the clock but they do so at their peril.

Look at Brexit. Look at how fast the Soviet Union fell apart. Roosevelt understood that the middle class is America and it was not the rich. People may admire the rich but most have to pay their bills and struggle along. Ignore history and suffer the consequences.  

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