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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Telling Elizabeth Warren to Sit Down and Shut Up

Mitch McConnell should have left the senate years ago and gone back to Kentucky to drink bourbon smoke cigars and ruminate about the good old days when white men ruled the world and women were in the kitchen and children were seen and not heard. In fact women in those days were seen and not heard and Mitch feels that should be the way it still is. Especially when a woman  is reading a  letter by Coretta Scott King. You could just see the old Kentuckian grinding his teeth on that one and then the censure.

Please sit down and shut up. By invoking a century old rule the owl eyed man was able to censure all women especially upstart women who dared to read letters by other upstart women who happened to be married to the greatest civil rights leader who ever lived. It was a moment straight out of 1950 with the leader of the Senate  coming out of the closet to let the world know what he really thinks of it is...not much.

And by stepping on Elizabeth Warren the old dog eared senator lit the fuse again for the women's movement. Sit down and shut up. He sure wouldn't have done that to a man. He would have done it to Barack Obama. You see where this is going, Better for the old dog to go back to Kentucky where men are men and women are muzzled.

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