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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trump Voters Will Suffer the Most Under Health Care Bill

If you are fit then you will live. If you are not you will die. So says Aynn Rand who is a favorite author of Paul Ryan and company.  Social Darwinism is  alive and well now and only the strong shall survive. If you are  lower middle class, working class, will lose. The Lower Middle Class will take one in the gut and then start to die off. Trumps base will be torpedoed with McConnell's gift to America. The underlying premise is all Scrooge. If the poor must die then let them and decrease the surplus population.

The NY Times and others see this as a giveback to the rich. But it is more than that. This is what the Republicans have wanted ever since FDR pushed through the New Deal. They want to return to a Horatio Alger world. Everyone has the same chance in America, and if you cannot make it then it is your fault and expect no help from the government. IF you are not smart enough to become rich or at least well off then you should not walk the planet. It is a direct attack on redistributionism began in the thirties and ending under Donald Trump.

This is why the Republicans shall pass the bill. It is an ideological sledgehammer to the premise of helping the poor and the less fortunate by taxing the rich and giving to the poor. Social programs like Social Security, Medicare, will be next. If you did not save then you deserve to die in your old age. This is the premise. Only the strong shall survive...and the rich.

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