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Thursday, March 26, 2020

If Trump Wants People To Go Back to Work Give them Masks, Shields, and Six Feet

Lets say coronovirus is the new normal. And you can't just shut down the economy and leave it shut. Ok. So give people the tools to go back to work safely. Fire up the factories and manufacture masks, protective clothes and give everyone six feet of separation and everyone else work online. I mean if you really want to reopen then you have to adjust to the new normal and that is one of working safely. It does no good to have everyone go back and get sick.

Of course we dont have the equipment now but if people really are serious about getting America back on its feet then we have to start thinking how do we coexist with this virus until the vaccine arrives. And that would be doing everything we are doing but coming up with a mask that actually stops the virus and ensuring people have gloves and if necessary protective clothing. We are a very innovative people so lets stop the fantasy this thing is going away and go to how do we cohabitate with this virus until we can kill it.

To that end Trump should get the defense department involved to start thinking about how to protect millions of workers who would return to their offices. Maybe half go back so the six feet of separation can be enforced. If you are on a ship taking water then you really want to think about how to get the water out before you sail on. 

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