Thursday, August 6, 2009

Slick Willie rides again

You gotta love President Clinton. They guy just has the touch. Remember that. Remember the guy who could just touch something and everything would align and people would make money and we all were in cahoots with the man who effortlessly could order the word. President Regan had it. Bush did not. It remains to be seen if President Obama will have it. He seems to be laboring mightily and things are happening but that is the difference--President Clinton just seemed to do it all without effort.

Certainly the gift of gab is key. A winning personality helps. A good organization makes it even better. But then there is something else. Some way to pull off what is seemingly impossible. Certainly there was plenty of advance work and the setup was there, but the fact is Clinton brought home the journalists. He brought home the goods and this brought back all sorts of nostalgia. The nineties were back and we were cruising along in our economy and the world seemed moderately under control and yes there was some snafus with interns and threats of impeachment but generally things just seemed to work out.

Now we have a leader who is very good and we are hoping everything will work out--but we aren't there yet. We hope the economy will work out. We hope health care will work out. We hope there will be peace in the Mideast. We hope the country will come together. But there are no guarantees. So it was nice to see something just happen, to see a man step off a plane and do the impossible and for a moment we all saw the effortless success that is so American. It was just good to see Slick Willie ride again.

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