Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote Like Someone is Stomping on your Head

Maybe you didn't consider voting when our Congressmen were called fags and Nigg@#* by flag waving Tea Party Activists during the Health Care Vote. Maybe you figured you'd sit this one out because you were disappointed in the economy. Then when the bricks were thrown the windows of Democratic Senators and faxes of lynchings were sent to African American Senators after the Health Care Bill passed you thought well maybe I might get to the polls if I don't have too much going on.

Or how about the time the fine Senator from South Carolina called the President a Liar? Maybe you considered voting then. Or when Glen Beck called the President a racist? If the weather was Ok and you didn't have any family functions then maybe you might consider strolling down to the polls to see what all the commotion was about. Take the time Carl Paladino told a New York Post reporter he would off him. That one got you to pause during dinner and consider registering to vote, just in case the urge hit you.

How about when Joe Miller's goons grabbed a reporter and handcuffed him because he asked old Joe a question he didn't like. Remember that one? That got you off the couch to fill out that early registration form and then maybe you might just fill in the blanks on the ballot. Even old Sarah Palin putting cross hairs on all the Senatorial candidates like targets and telling people to take them out. Wow. That one almost got you to commit to driving over to the high school to pull that lever.

But I have something that's going to make you vote Mr. Democrat, Independent, Republican, Fellow American. A motivational image.  How about if someone threw you to the ground and stomped on your head? You know like in the video of that worker. They pinned your head to the pavement because you carried a sign that Rand Paul didn't like. And so now you are on the ground and you have a concussion and some thug is stomping on your head  like a Nazi Stormtrooper. So that is my motivational image for you to vote fellow citizen, vote like someone is stomping on your head. Because they are.

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