Friday, November 12, 2010

What President Obama could learn from the Old Texan

Stick to your guns! Funny a lesson like that would come from a man who left the white house with a thirty four percent approval rating, but one thing President Bush exudes is a man who stuck to his guns. You may not like his politics, policies, speech patterns, his Vice President, but he does come across as a man who made a decision then stuck to it. Even when he told Bill O'Reilly he was a "provocative fellow;" he seemed like a man who was running the show and even O'Reilly couldn't get him to engage. I hate to say it but the old Texan seems mighty Presidential as he promotes his memoir.

You cut to our present situation with the latest David Axelrod bomb and you sort of yearn for those old cowboy days. President Obama is a man who wants to negotiate, he seeks bipartisan support, he gives in like an old whore. David Axelrod has already let everyone know that President is ceding the high ground on Bush tax cuts for the rich (how ironic) and will allow a temporary extension. Why doesn't he just lay down so the Republicans can wipe their shoes on him while he is at it. The real question here is why?

After making a great show of standing his ground he caves in. The logic being that he wants to keep middle class tax cuts. Fine. Meet the Republicans at the OK Corral for the final showdown and make them pull out their guns first. Make them show everyone what they are made of. The problem is that if President Obama is Gary Cooper in High Noon then we are in trouble because he doesn't even want to show up for the fight. Forget the arguments for the tax cuts for the wealthy, the real question is why does this man give in on his own principals so quickly? Where did he confuse bi-partianship with not standing his ground?

So as the Texan makes the rounds with his book we are left that that little chuckle. He laughed at Bill O'Reilly as he asked why the media didn't like him. I don t know Bill. I really wasn't that concerned about the media. But, but but but...O'Reilly didn't know what to do with him and President Bush just laughed. And then it hits you. He really didn't care about the media and that is nothing short of amazing in our media centric age. You really have to wonder if the old Texan isn't laughing at all of us now.
His novel Rocket Man is due out in January

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