Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Bristol Palin will win Dancing with the Stars

The man who shot out his television in Florida over Bristol's bad dancing did not know he was tapping into something much larger. Dancing with the Stars is not high mental pabulum fare. You could definitely put it in LCD category along with Survivor and the Sarah Palin Show. But of course that would not explain why Bristol Palin keeps getting low scores from judges and wins the audience voting. But in a sense it does. There are probably few times in history where smart people were held in such low esteem. There is a culture war going on now and we might call it the common mans revenge. You need to look no further than Sarah Palins spectroscopic ratings for her new reality show.

We should not be surprised. Smart people have now been put on equal footing with the people who looted our economy. This may or may not be true but the association is there so degree holders beware. Elitism is not a a specific science and no one can ferret out a Donald Trump from a Mozillo or an Obama. There is the assumption  that smart people took advantage of their power and took money from the middle class and their revenge has been taken to the polls. See the almost election (forty percent) of Christine O'Donnell. The war here has really come down to people who believe they can get through life by thinking and people who are betting they can get through life without thinking.

Populism and distrust of those in power is very American.  Ever since George Bush pinned John Kerry against the wall for being an egghead and then swiftboated the egghead the "anti-intellectual vote" became a factor in American polics. It is not who you are voting for but who you are voting against and smart elitists are as a good a target as any. The reason the audience votes for Bristol Palin every time is not because they think she is a good dancer but they vote against the knowledge of the judges and professionals or the elites who think they know better. People are declaring that the highly educated don't know better (one third of Americans hold college degrees). You do the math and it is easy to see why Bristol keeps winning.

So Bristol Palin will win. Sarah Palin will rule right up to the point she gets back in power. The problem is with the "we don't like smart people" philosophy is that when you get in a tight spot you want someone really smart. The world is mostly composed of tight spots and therein lies the rub. But in Dancing with the Stars land...bring it on Bristol!
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