Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You've got to stand for something or you're going to fall for anything

So says John Mellencamp. I guess nobody told Jon Stewart before his Restore Sanity rally. He walked the line between comedy and politics and managed never to get  his feet wet. Pity the first shot had already been fired and the war raging. It was a nice peace time rally for wartime, but that is the problem, the other side isnt' interested in peace.You've got to stand for something or your going to fall for anything. Well on this election day I can tell you it is not the fault of the media that we are in danger in rolling back to the dark ages. Jon conveniently ignored the simple truth that power corrupts absolutely and those out of power want it back.

So it was a missed opportunity for Jon to not tell people to get out there and VOTE because we really need you now. Instead he played the dilettante above the fray. Please. Get your nuggies in the race Jon. The minute you called a rally comedy went out the window and you became political. He and Mr. Colbert looked like two minstrels at a NASCAR rally drowned out by the noise of the other side. Those people in the crowd looked hungry for guidance, they were literally waiting, and they wanted more than Jons drugstore philosophizing at the end complete with we are all in this together.

The Republicans don't believe that and neither does the Tea Party. They believe in their way or the highway and if you don't believe that just ask them. The reason there are two networks trading punches every night is because there is a war on and if you don't choose a side you are going to get caught in the crossfire. Jon's lament over the creation of a conflictinator is valid, but he is a man whining about the bullets flying overhead while  making sure he keeps his head down.

What he should have said was VOTE. He should had said VOTE VOTE VOTE. He should have said so sorry you were disappointed in the black messiah and he couldn't walk on water,but what did you expect with him walking into that swamp called Washington?So sorry you lost your black John Kennnedy, but governing is a contact sport and President Obama has gotten beat up pretty badly. But he's still fighting and he needs our help now. So get over that you lost your rock star President, quit whining, and belly up to the bar and VOTE or you will really will see a dark age  that will make our present age look like the age of peace and prosperity. Jon could have then had finished up with John Mellencamp belting out, you got to stand for something, or you're going to fall for anything.. It would have been a hell of a show.

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