Friday, December 3, 2010


Where's Mary Clarence? You're not going to like it, George, she never married. Where's Mary Clarence? I want to go back, I want to go back. Not with my money. Sentimental hogwash, why you are worth more dead than alive George. Go on Go on, find your friends, they arent' going to help you, they'll run you out of town on a rail. Where did George leave that seven hundred billion anyway? It's in the deficit right? Bedford Falls replaced in two short years with Pottersville. No middleclass. Only the working poor and the rich. Poor George.

No unemployment insurance for Bedford Falls. In Pottersville everyone works. No treaties. Only enemies. And we all watch one channel where everyone is religious and good and loves Sarah Palin. In Pottersville we don't need transplants and if you dont work then you starve. And if you come from the border then you better carry your papers because everyone in Pottersville carries their papers because the police are everywhere.

In Pottersville elections are simple. There is only one party and they all look alike. Everyone is one color except for one man who is orange. But the one party makes all the decisions because the other party is scared and it doesn't matter who is President because the one party rules. You don't have to even vote because all the people in the party are on the television and  they tell everyone who to vote for. Mary. Mary. Where's Mary Clarence? She never married and she can't serve in the military because she's gay George and she can't get married because gay people don't get married in Pottersville.

And the rich are very rich in Pottersville and there's no middle class. Sentimental hogwash. I'm talking about the building and loan! Your talking about something you can't get your fingers on and it's gnawing at you, this town needs this measly old building and loan if only so people don't have to crawl to McConnell. This rabble, this vanishing middle class, well they do most of the working and dying around, here well is too much to ask for them to own a house with a mortgage deduction? My father didn't think so, to him they were people, but to the Republicans they're cattle...Sentimental hogwash, I want my tax break voted on, I want the rich to be richer and the middleclass extinct! I know what you want.

I'm going to call in an arrest warrant for you George. Malfeasence, misappropriation of funds. Go on run, you can't hide in Pottersville. I'm going to tie you up with so many investigations you'll never come up for air. I want to go back I want to go back. You see George you had a wonderful life, its just you never stood up for what you believed in. You never fought back George. Can't you see what kind of world you threw away now? You could have had a different world if only you had stood  up. Get me back Clarence, please I beg you, I beg you, get me back....I want to live, I want to live. Sentimental hogwash

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