Monday, January 10, 2011

The False Equivalency of Main Stream Media

Anderson Cooper and the boys are falling all over themselves trying to say that the rhetoric from the right and left is the same. And it is pathetic. Everyone knows that since the advent of Fox News and our first African American President the Juggernaut of hate and vitriol that has sprung from the wells of populist discontent has been flamed by those on the right who have everything to gain by discrediting the Democrats and Barack Obama. What is really behind the hate is the refusal to acknowledge that America is changing and going from the American century of America First to a global partner in the new paradyme of shrinking resources and national decline. America First now probably belongs with Remember the Maine!

And like all people loathe to give up power they become desperate and resort to any measures and the measure of choice for America is a gun. So the airwaves are awash in the vitriol of people who hate those who they perceive as coming for their slice of the shrinking American pie. Mexicans, blacks, poor people, foreigners, you name it. If you dissect Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, then you see coursing through the central artery of their shows a healthy plasma of xenophobia, racism, fear, and demoniziation of the other. But more than all that, the life blood of these white men and their followers is prejudice. Prejudice against all that is new and threatens a Leave it to Beaver fantasy exported by Palin and others who really believe that if they tap their shoes three times the light of 1959 will shine down on them.

But first they have to get rid of those who would corrupt this dream and that is anyone who does not agree with their vision of America for Americans. And now in the face of this national tragedy we have a media that has absolutely no moral compass or at the least, no balls.  There is poor David Gergen facing off with the idiot woman who represents the Tea Party or lately just the conservative movement. Gergen can barely get in a word in as she touts gun laws as sufficient and don't you know it's people not guns that kill people. When Gergen does speak he does the balanced talk of a different era when journalists were gentlemen leaving only Bill Mahr to play the role of circus clown in slamming the right for their complicity.

And the simple justification that there is no direct line from the hate spewing from Fox and company and the shooter in Arizona is absurd.The line will never be that clear although his anti government rants online are the familiar bread and butter of the Tea Party/Fox anti government line. But everyone bends over backwards to say that no can really be blamed and Bill O'Reilly has his idiot women on to tell him he never said anything wrong and Sean Hannity looks haggard as he says he has a nine year old daughter also. Still, you sure would love to see little Anderson Cooper throttle someone and say, hell yes he knows where the hate is coming from and by God he's not going to put up with this namby pamby false equivalency anymore!

But of course, that only happens in the movies.
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