Friday, March 4, 2011

Middle class Morality has caused Wisconsin

The very people getting screwed by Governor Walker put him in there. These Republicans are not Klingon's who came from some other universe they were ELECTED by people like you and me who bought into the dogma that activated our middle-class morality. Keep that term in mind because it is the weapon of choice for those who own the Means of Production or more colloquially: the rich. People are spending too much. The crash was caused by people who bought too much house. The government spends too much. We spend too much. Kick out the Democrats who have brought us to this sorry state of affairs. And so we did.

And we did it by using our middle-class morality rooted in a time long ago and far away when we lived in small towns and a dollar earned was a dollar saved and you could make lemonade from lemons. We took our MM  (acronym) and applied it to our government and said yes you are right, we did spend too much and so we elected people on the platform of cut out the waste and the profligate spending. What we didn't understand, much to our chagrin, is we are the ones they most want to cut out.

Not in a class warfare sort of way, but just taking the mandate we handed them. Cut. Cut everything. They are. They are going to cut away the Unions and pensions and they will cut Unemployment and Women Infant and Children funding, and Arts funding and when they are finished they will head for Social Security Medicaid and Medicare. The problem with middle-class morality is it takes the morality of the school marm and applies it to the populace. People can be individually responsible, but you cannot mandate morality to a whole economic system by cutting away the lifeblood of capitalism which is a healthy middle class.

But we continue to act like Walker and the boys descended and took over Wisconsin by force. The truth is that we elected them and the Republicans in the Senate who are busy trying to cut away every program targeted toward the middle class. It is Darwinism at it's best. Expect riots this summer as times get harder for those who will have no vested interest in our system. They are in the millions. The 99ers alone are in the millions. Democrat or Republican, look no further than yourself when they come to cut away your share of the pie. We are finally, our own worst enemies.
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