Thursday, March 31, 2011

The President has Failed the People

Yeah the ideologues have government by the throat. Tea Party zealots have shrouded ideology and a social agenda in fiscal responsibility. Little itty bitty cuts that slash at the social fabric WIC, NPR, DOE, ARTS, slash them all man. The young Turks of the House have the President by the short hairs while they look for sixty billion worth of social conservatism gone amuck. Do it during a recession and the well runs dry for the people, the people the President pledged to protect. That's what it is, he has failed the one group that put him where he is today, the poor, the middle class, the workers.

Losing the upper hand to a bunch of ideologues the President has no excuse. He just didn't have the will to fight for all the people who can't fight for themselves now. And it is growing. It even includes the people who voted against them because they are getting attacked now. The unemployed, the workers, the Unions, the poor, the teachers, the millions who have lost their homes and who continue to lose their homes, basically the entire middle class.  They are all fair game because they no longer have a voice. Our head man decided to cut and run for the foreign wars and the lesser evils. Because the President knows where the real fight is and we can only guess that he simply doesn't have the stomach for the real war.

He was elected to help the little man.  That is what his election was all about. The little man who was not represented under the slash and burn policies of George Bush. But the President found the push back very strong and he cut bait. He decided the fight was too bitter, too bruising, and it would cost him the election. But more than that he simply let the ideologues take away his bully pulpit. We now hear more from the Tea Party Freshman than we do from President Obama. They are setting the agenda because in a power vacuum somebody always moves in.

So who do we have to blame? Ourselves for being sucked in by a man who believes but does not have the moral fortitude for battle. For the blood and guts fight to the finish war he would have to wage to take on the far right ideologues who now smell blood in the water. They found his weakness and pushed him so far back that essentially we are being governed by one party in the House of Representatives. The President has simply failed in the worst way he could, he has failed the people. 
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