Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Conspiracy Theories of Wrestlers and Billionaires

Wrestlers and billionaires now dominate the airwaves with their conspiracy theories. Donald Trump firmly believes President Obama was not born in this country and Jessee Ventura sees someone behind the grassy knoll from 9/11 to  the Kennedy Assassination and he is an expert in many areas and if you don't believe him just ask. Wrestlers don't like to be asked much. Piers Mogan got the big man riled up in his buckskin coat and Florida tanm bu poking holes in his ridiculous theories on Afghanistan, 9/11, the Iraq War, President Obama and the Kennedy Assassination. And he is an expert. Just ask him.

When people don't have their facts straight they act strange. Jessee jumped up and down in his seat. His Parkinson twitch really kicked in. His face contorted. Piers Morgan just kept on. You don't really believe George Bush knew about the attack on 9/11? Of course he did, Dick Cheney knew. Really? You dont' really believe it. I have studied this for ten years, I KNOW. But he didn't. He didn't know really about anything and the elevation of theory into fact became apparent with every passing moment. President Obama is a CIA operative. Come on Jessee, You don't really believe that. I have studied this for years Piers. You dont' really believe the President is a CIA operative. Yes.

On and on. And the former wrestler bobbed and shook and tried not to tear the wimpy Piers Morgan to pieces. But the damage was done. Jesse's book was as full of hot air as he was.  Which brings to light another man who seems to thrive on fiction. Donald Trump. He has figured out that his celebrity dissipation ligbht is blinking. He will now run for President. After he scales tall buildings and leaps over mountains. But he has no real platform, but he can fire up the tired theory on Obama's citizenship. That is giving him enough mileage to out poll Mitt Romney. Sigh.

What both men have in common is they have discovered a basic truth of fading celebradom. If you quit talking you cease to exist. It doesn't matter what you say, just say something. So why not run for President or publish a book full of theories. Why not? The American people don't seem to really care as long as they are entertained,. So the polls say. And if you say what people want to hear all the better. Its just those pesky Brits like Piers Morgan who go after silly things like the truth.  Hasn't he heard, perception is reality. Just ask the Donald or Jesse.

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