Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our Ongoing Civil War

On the anniversary of the Civil War it is impossible not think about the war in terms of our time. The war was over Slavery of course, but there was something deeper than drove over six hundred thousand men to kill each other. That would be the perception that we had developed into two vastly different societies with different values and morals and really a different way of looking at the world. Slavery was the gunpowder that set off the war and it was the magnet everything else adhered too: but at the core, we fought because we saw the other side as different and trying to change our world.

Lets take today. What if all the Republican conservatives with their Tea Party Brethren all lived in one area of the country, say the North. And what if all the liberal Democrats with their entitlement happy brethren lived in the South. And what if the South overwhelmingly elected President Obama but the North did not. But because of the electors the President was elected. Now put that backdrop of our current cultural war and our ongoing war for the soul of the country disguised as fiscal prudence against this geography. Suddenly Fox News is talking to the North while MSNBC is talking to the South. The North and the South stop talking and see the world seperately.

Now the North blackmails the South on the Debt Ceiling. They blackmail the South on the Budget. They impose their will on the South. They tell the liberal Democrats no more Medicaid, no more NPR, no more health care reform, no more Meidicare, no more Planned Parenthood, no Pell Grants, no Americorps. They tell the South that they believe in one God and that is a Christian God and there should be no others. They tell the South that the President they elected wasn't even a citizen and he should not be President. They even tell the Southern Liberal Democrats they aren't really loyal Americans who love their country and there should never be any money for conservation or global warming and no one should ever touch their guns.

Now the South says we have had enough. We don't want a country like this. We want out. The North says, no way. And send down the troops. The South fights back. Watching Wisconsin or the fight over healthcare reform, it is not an implausible scenario. So, I guess it's good we are all mixed up now.  That is probably the only thing that saves us.

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