Friday, April 8, 2011

Shut Down the Government to Stop Planned Parenthood!

You gotta love those Republicans boy. They really have a handle on the people's business. They really know why they were elected in 2010. We all thought it was to put people to work and get things moving again, but it was really to stop women from having abortions. Who knew that was the mandate we had given them? But we must have otherwise they wouldn't be shutting down the government over a woman's right to choose. Right? I mean they wouldn't just arbitrarily decided they know best in their priggish mortality tower where the righteous reside...right?

Of course not. They are in touch with God and all the forces of the world and here is where you make your stand. They know best. A woman should not have the right to choose what she does with her body. Just ask any Tea Bagger or Republican. They will let you know that they have the upper hand on all things to do with females. Just take away the money from Planned Parenthood and they are good. We all thought this was the budget but NO. This man is about abortion. Huh? Why didn't they just say so?

And here we are talking about cutting programs and reducing the deficit. Silly. We should have know that the Tea Baggers and the Republicans had the real lock on what is important. Abortion. Plain and simple boy. Lets go back to a Tent Revival and all fall down on the floor and PRAISE JESUS! We have seen the light. This isn't about jobs or the burden of children and grandchildren, this is about ABORTION! And we only have the Republicans and the Tea Baggers for Showing Us The Way. Hallelujah!

And because we are a fallen people no penance is great enough. Hell yes shut down the government. Shut it down baby until these abortion loving Americans see the error of their evil ways. Say it loud Brother. HALLELUJAH! My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the LORD and he is going to CAST down those sinners those Democrats and poor people and all the great UNWASHED who want to fund Planned Parenthood. SAY IT WITH ME BROTHER. NO FUNDING FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD. SAY IT LOUD BROTHER! SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!  Hallelujah!

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