Friday, April 15, 2011

Tea Party Dooms the Republicans

The Donald proves the case. A birther on a tear leading in the polls. Poor Mitt. Traditional politicians post Palin are just so much white noise now. Just ask water the tree of liberty Michelle Bachman who is out palinizing Palin after dismal polls showed no way the First Lady of Alaska and First Dude will never make it to the White House. But of course neither will the assortment of nuts and fruits just warming up for 2012. But they will headline the party ever since John McCain stumbled on the basic truth that America does not like the views of old white haired males and that a sexy woman with shout outs to sixpack Joes shot needed oxygen into his ARP persona.

But this strategy has built in obsolescence the same as a dragster running full out. You need more and more nitro to keep the car flying and that means more and more kooks who can nudge out a Palinized base. How about a tycoon who really isnt a tycoon with sagging ratings who really needs to energize his own empire with a tired old saw about Obama not being a citizen. The Tea Party brethren are already lining up at the voting booths leaving Michelle a little flat footed. Her calls for revolution sound a little tinny about now and how much mileage can a good looking woman get who misplaces Revolutionary War battles.

But as John speaker of the house for now Boehner will tell you therein lies the rub. The only dynamite in the Republican party of old is the Tea Party, but they have a nasty habit of blowing off their dynamite on Republicans who don't measure up. They are not electable as Presidential Candidates and define Teddy Roosevelts famous phrase, the lunatic fringe. And even if you make a case for the march of the fiscal freshman who want to cut everything from Medicare to NPR to Education to Planned Parenthood then we just have to look at the result. A lot of noise and a general alarm even among the party faithful that these guys might not care about throwing the country under the proverbial bus.

So the litmus for the latest round of Republican Candidates has become how can you appeal to the Tea Party base now. And the only appeal is Trumpian boldness.  That President you hate is not even a citizen. Get out the Don't Tread on me Flags. Americans find celebrities  intriguing but they have to have some sense of balance by the time they get to the White House. The Tea Party ensures that no one will come close who cant out Trump Trump or Palinize Palin or Bachman Bachman. Getting to the outer fringe of the fringe is great for the twenty four hour newscycle, but it sure makes the incumbent seem  like a no brainer.
Rocket Man will blast off this summer 

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