Monday, June 13, 2011

Republicans Lose Election with First Debate

Well that's the election. You missed it. President Obama wins a clean sweep and it's not even the primaries. Oh well. The first Republican debate sure proved the point you won't go broke underestimating the intelligence of Republican candidates for President. The guillotine was Medicare and everyone of them stuck their head under the blade and gave the nod. That;s right folks, it was the What's  My Line of Republican politics with the easy winner only having to say that he would not get rid of Medicare. Buzzzzzz. Sorry, no one could figure that one out.

So the American public saw a stage full of people bellyaching about the deficit and wanting to kill Medicare and Social Security and abortion and same sex marriage but nobody got the second bonus question right:: what is most important to Americans right now? Starts with a J and ends with an S. Jos...No Jones. No. Jimbos. No....Wait wait...JOBS! Right. Not one Republican candidate spoke to the middle class about their biggest concern. JOBS! And no one brought up the other biggest drag on the economy...HOUSING!

No lets talk about getting rid of Medicare and how Paul Ryans Voucher plan is good for America! Even the African American Pizza Guy shot himself in the foot by telling everyone there will be no Medicare. Thanks so much. Just what we wanted to hear and this was all done under the lie of Fiscal Conservatism pushing an agenda of SOCIAL IDEOLOGY! Wow. Now that's who we want to elect President.  A bunch of rich people telling us what they are going take away from the middle class. They all flunked RECESSION 101. In times of distress, you don't turn off the money, you turn it on!

So our choice is really easy since the Republicans just gave away the election. You think President Obama is bad, just watch another Republican debate and you will be running for that voting booth and pressing that button for the Democrat. Just think....all Sarah Palin has to do is keep her mouth shut and not go to any debates and she might win!
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