Friday, June 10, 2011

Should Wiener Resign over his Wiener?

Well it depends on what side of the wiener equation you come down on. If you think Anthony Wieners  wiener is more important than his politics then certainly the wiener takes precedent. He should resign. But if you think a wiener is just a wiener and a faux pas in wienerdom is not really relevant to a mans ability to legislate and represent his constituents then really the wiener is not enough for a man leave his position. Or course most people regard the sending of a wiener via twitter a serious breach of personal wiener morality. A man really should not advertise his wiener in this fashion.

But in history we are awash in wieners. The Terminator could not keep his wiener out of the picture. John Edwards had the same problem with his wiener. Newt Gingrich apparently liked his wiener very much and the same with Elliott Spitzer. Wieners seem to rule our very government these days. Bill Clinton loved his wiener and he's not too pleased about Anthony tweeting his own wiener although some may say this is wiener hypocrisy.

But in the end we must ask the question, how relevant is a wiener to national policy? Wienergate can only really become an issue if a wiener was used illegally and there is no law against tweeting your wiener. Just ask Anthony Wiener and he will tell you that he made a mistake. He did. But for Anthony Wiener to resign over his wiener begs the question: whose wiener is it anyway? Do you forfeit all rights to your own wiener once you become a public servant?  Anthony Wiener clearly believes his wiener belongs to him and if he feels like tweeting it to the world then that is his business.

So I suppose it is political. If you are a Republican then you don't really like Anthony Wiener tweeting his wiener. If you are a Democrat you might not mind it so much. Although some Democrats take umbrage to Wiener tweeting his wiener. If you are an independent then you are the wiener fence. And if you are Anthony Wiener then you must believe as a Wiener man that his wiener belongs to him and no one else and if he wants to tweet his wiener then so be it. So it is with men and their least with Anthony Wiener's wiener.
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