Thursday, September 15, 2011

Washington...we have a problem

James Carville is right. Obama should panic and start firing people. He should wake up and smell the coffee of the two special elections and hit the Master Reset Button. Now. Washington... we have a problem. Like Apollo 13 his capsule is tumbling in space out of control and Ed Harris is not in Mission Control telling him to reset his computers and he can limp home. He really is out of control and the only way he can change things is to go Rogue. Sorry Sarah, but for once the term fits.

Even the IMF chief cited the US inability to solve its problems as central to the WORLD DEFAULT. The problem is that the US will not do anything for it's own homeowners and will not change their fiscal policies because of political inaction. Yeah everyone sees us as broke. The world cannot wait for the next election she concluded. Neither can we. You should watch the ED show. He is a blowhard, but the workers he represent are a smoldering mass that will blow eventually as they watch every thing get ripped away from them.

You cannot stand by while the crazies dismantle the New Deal. It will unravel the very thin fabric of America. Rick Perry is a disaster in the wings. Eric Cantor and the Republicans are hoping to hold it all together for fourteen months, but the American people will not hold that long. The President needs to hit his master reset button and go the other way.  Fast. Whatever way that is, because his spaceship is approaching gimble lock and then it will so long Obama and hello crazies.

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