Friday, June 1, 2012

Anybody But the Black Guy

ABTBG. Anybody but the black guy. The secret weapon of the Romney campaign is not the Super Pac money or the fact he is a business man or that he has some plan to get the economy moving, his secret weapon is that he is white and the President is black. If you dont think there is a large segment of the population whol will vote along the lines of ABTBG then you are delusional. The great experiment is over for these people and they want a white guy back in office. It is that simple.

You can talk issues until you are in blue in the face, but Barack Obama will have to deal with ABTBG psychology at some point because it is real.  The large mass of Americans are not so enlightened that they will not feel the tug of Romney who looks like our old Presidents. It is there and it is real. People are racist, yes, but more than that they are tepid. They do not like to rush into what is new and different and like someone checking out the water, they woudl just as soon not dive in.

Take Jackie Robinson. He suffered greatly so others could follow him. This might be Barack Obamas legacy. He broke the color barrier, but like the Sound Barrier we had to do it a couple times to be sure that when you went faster than the speed of sound the whole thing just didn't blow up. And now we have a clear choice. The white business man who looks and talks like he was modled around 1955 or the progressive forward looking President who happens to be black.

ABTBG baby. It will decide the election.

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