Monday, June 4, 2012

Corporations are Terrible People

Corporations are people so says the Supreme Court in their Citizens United ruling that has sold off government and is about to sell off the Presidency. Twice the amount of cash spent by the Democrats is what is coming in for Mitt from businesses and if you are a Republican you might say well that is good, but it really isn't, because everything is for sale now.The problem is Corporations are not people and if they were they would be terrible human beings. Corporations do not act with any degree of human compassion. They act out of greed or profit. So why would anyone ever expect them to the right thing?

Washington does not govern anymore, it sells off to the highest bidder. Every one one of our Senators have been bankrolled by Corporations. Those people who the Supreme Court brought into being now act like cyborgs that we cannot get rid of. They are robots who will push human values aside and destroy themselves in the process. Look at the push back against Global Warming or Climate Change. Everyone knows the climate has changed but it costs money to change. Our corporate people do not want that and so they are willing to destroy the planet to save a buck.

And now we have our first Presidential Election that will be bought by Corporations. These people if that is what they are do not act in our best interests.  The people who govern them make good money and they will lose their jobs if they do not act in the interest of  profit. Corporate profit is rarely good for humans even though some people will sell  it as a higher good. America was never about the Corporation it was always about the person. And Corporations are not people.


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