Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What the Recall Election in Wisconsin Means

If Walker wins then it means Unions all over America are in danger. It means that a Governor can go in and gut education, fire teachers, obliterate tenure, eviscerate pensions, and and take the bargaining out of Collective Bargaining. It means that the war between the Corporation and the individual just went over big for the Corporation and that money triumphs plurality. It means that people like Ryan, Walker, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, will get a free pass on the good train austerity and further cut food stamps, medicaid, medicare, unemployment. It means that the Global Economy will be allowed to permanently sideline millions of Americans. It means that Social Darwinism will be allowed to cull the herd and Ryans budget is that much closer to becoming reality.

Scott Walker will become the celebrity of the Republican Party. He might even become President. It means that Citizen United will never allow the American people to have an honest election again. It means that the Koch Brothers and anyone else with a few billion to spare can buy large parts of the country at any time and anywhere. It means that the far right will probably push it over for Romney as they strangle the economy until it squeaks and then when their man gets in...open the floodgates for the job creators...or let the rich run wild.

If Walker wins it means that the the Bait and Switch of Social Conservatism (death to entitlements) hid under the blanket of Fiscal Responsibility (austerity) works and that they can play that all the way to the bank. It means that the New Deal will further erode until there is no Deal at all. It means that middle class people will be more like working class people and work all the time and still fall behind. It will simply mean the bad guys won again.


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