Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney and the Vouchinator

Could it get any worse? Mr. No Empathy just hooked up with the Vouchinator. You better start stockpiling beans and water and get in your bunker because if these two clowns get in office there will not be enough food for a low flying crow much less a poor person. The scorched earth of Mr. Dariwn just hooked up with Great Eviscerator and between the two of them they can clean out companies and dump everyone off Healthcare, Medicaid and Medicare and let the surplus population die off. Rule by the wealthy just went to Defcon I and Survival of the Fittest just went to the uberman Ryan and his plan to destroy whatever was left of the New Deal.

He is a fitness freak who keeps his body fat at six percent. He can be so lucky to do that while others scrounge for food. A cheese head from Wisconsin who digs Led Zeppelin. The man with the road map to turn an Oligarchy into  a Gulag where the Middlelclass trudges off to work in the Siberia of a country with absolutely no safety net. But vouchers. We will have vouchers. Pieces of paper that will allow us to get insurance from a company that is dying to insure senior citizens. Right.

In Ryan land we are all back to the mercy of the market in every part of our life. Sorry you are not healthy and you don't work out. You are old. No insurance for you. Better you die and decrease the surplus population. And so sorry Bain destroyed your company and shipped your jobs overseas. But hey, if you start working out and listen to a little Stairway to Heaven and get your body fat down to six percent we might consider giving you health care for five grand a month. I mean you are old !

Romney and the Darth Rayan are really bad news for the middle class...lets hope the force is with us.

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