Monday, April 15, 2013

Why Congress is so pathetic

Congressman on both sides of the aisle are pathetic on this one. The whole country wants background checks but Democrats and Republican Congressmen are not worried about the country or what happened to the children of Sandy Hook or preventing the next tragedy. They are not worried about the common good or the common safety or about people getting shot. They are not worried about school children all over the country. They are worried about their jobs.
How pathetic.

Nobody else in the country has job security why should these clowns. Alright. The first thing we have to do is turn over Congress because they are not doing their jobs. The irony of course is that if they did their jobs they might keep their jobs. But they are so worried that the NRA or the Right Wing of the Right Wing or the Conservatives or the Christian Right or somebody might take their jobs if they vote their conscience. And we are supposed to re elect people like that?

I got one for you. Whatever happened to...DOING THE RIGHT THING? I mean I know it is very Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra but isn't that what they are supposed to do???? Aren't they supposed to do what they think is right not what they think will allow them to keep their jobs? And we accept this. That is what is amazing. Oh right. Yeah. They should keep their jobs while we lose ours and get shot and our kids are put at risk.

To coin an old phrase. Throw the bums out. All of them. Lets just start over and roll the dice. We cannot do any worse.

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