Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama Going Bulworth

Remember that movie Bulworth? Warren Beatty vehicle for a Senator who suddenly tells it like it really is. The movie died. I saw it. There was the moment the Warren character started rapping and really saying the way things were but after that it sort of just fell apart. But the President apparently said something about going Bulworth. Can you blame him? What would he say if he said what he really thought? It would not be pretty.

You are talking about a President who has been under siege and now the Indians are circling the wagons. So if the President  said what he thought he might start with a simple. Well you got what you wanted. As the New York Times pointed out the beautiful thing is the triple play scandal knocks out the fact that government has come to a standstill. No legislation gets passed. Forget guns we cant even fill the posts of government. The House is a nonstarter. Nothing passes. And now with the scandals taking precedent we are effectively OUT OF ORDER as a country.

And as the Sequester rolls on we will be in a Clintonesque swamp from here on out. Birthers will fuse with Tea Party with far right Corporate/Conservative interests to take their best shot. Impeachment is a bridge too far but nullifying the President is a wing shot worth taking. And why not? Our Bulworth cannot really say the deck was stacked. That he was the first President filibustered by the government. That the campaign against him never stopped.

We know what the real deal is. It is something moving in the backwaters of our history but we cannot voice it. It is too depressing. Really only one man can go Bulworth and he  isn't ready yet. But when you have nothing to lose...then...sometimes even a bad movie can get second life.

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