Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Impeachment of President Obama

If you listen to Glenn Beck then you heard the "I" word. Beck and others are foaming at the mouth and so is everyone else on the far right. Left out in the desert of liberal politics and a rapidly changing demographic they are now lapping the water of Watergate while screaming Benghazi, IRS persecution and now infringement of the press. The triumvirate of the Perfect Storm of Second Term Scandals has presented it's ugly head and we are now in for a Clintonesque investigation that could suck up the remaining thirteen hundred days.

And where there is smoke there is fire. Maybe. But of course the firemen have been sniffing a long time now haven't they? And from birthers to Socialism the President has been suspect for a long time and then came Benghazi and the triple play. Does anyone doubt this then is the first Presidential debate of 2016? Of course it is. President Obama is not the quarry all"I" words aside but Hillary Clinton is much better sport. Imagine knocking out a front runner before the race begins.

And that is exactly the point. If we accept the "black copter thesis" that is behind the failure of gun control and every push back from the right from Obamacare to spending money on education then we have to see the logical conclusion is to dismantle government as it stands. Austerity or sequester is simply "starve the beast politics" in action or Paul Ryans Ayn Rand philosophy taken to the epicenter of government. Survival of the fittest. Let the poor die and decrease the surplus population.

But I digress. So the impeachment of Obama would be a grand prize in the sport of modern scorched earth politics where the election never ends and warfare is the order of the day. Lets face it democracy or our plutocracy has become a war between two well armed opponents and we are merely spectators. One does wonder where it will all end. A Nixonian farewell salute? How sad that would be...

And what a sour victory for the victors and then what...a pardon by Joe Biden. A Frost/Obama interview. Tell me Mr. President did you let the American people down? Ah...that would be the frosting on the cake of political vengeance.

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