Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the death of a Soprano

The biggest soprano just died. I never watched the show but apparently the star of the show has just died in Italy from a heart attack. An HBO series that reached beyond a cult like following proving that  America still can not get enough from it's gangsters. And this apparent head gangster will be missed. Genius is an interesting word to use for an actor who came to prominence saying muddafucah but this is the word attached in a Chicago Sun Times article. America must absribe all values to its fallen.

The strangest tribute to the fallen Soprano has to be CNN. Running a montage of Soprano footage CNN picked journeys Don't Stop Believing to back up the footage. Just a small town in a lonely world...this then would be homage to the fallen. And the Journey does seem to upbeat for the Soprano who had a heart attack while vacationing in Rome at age 51. But there it is. America also must have a theme for its fallen and classic Journey is probably fits the watching demographic 18-55.

But then there are the  post mortems with actors who talk of working with the Soprano. They talk of his grace and genius and chivalry and how he avoided the spotlight. Again we honor our celebrity dead by giving them all the characteristics of Gods which is celebradom. Forgetting of course the hundreds if not thousands of people who also died on this day who were teachers or members of the clergy or Nuns or volunteers for the Red Cross. These were not Sopranos and so they die  in obscurity.

It might be a bit like our Sports Gods. They must be everything and so we carry them with us and feel their pain and triumph. In this way our telegenic Gods live and die for us as well. Although few of us will die on vacation in Italy. We simply cant afford it.

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